What is Sustain™?

Sustain™ is a range of sustainable products that makes you feel good about your purchase and helps the environment.

Our Hercules® Sustain™ Compostable Paper food bags are 100% FSC certified paper bags. These bags are also 100% home compostable and 100% recyclable. Because the bags are plastic free, you're helping to keep plastic out of the environment.

Compostable Paper

Our Hercules® Sustain™ Plant Derived freezer bags are USDA certified biobased and contain minimum 25% biobased plastic made from ethanol sourced from renewable sugar cane, that help reduce the impact on the environment.

Freezer Bag

Our Hygiene Plus® Sustain™ Gloves are Fair Rubber and FSC certified 100% natural rubber gloves. The natural rubber is responsibly and sustainably sourced from well-managed forests certified by Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC). Your purchase of these gloves also directly helps improve the quality of life for small farmers and their local communities. The rubber tappers who work in these responsibly managed plantations receive a fair trade premium and they alone decide how to spend their extra income. Hygiene Plus® Sustain™ Gloves - good for the earth, good for the people.

Rubber Gloves